Disadvantages Of Cloth Menstrual Pads

Published: 04th March 2011
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The symptoms of menstruation are usually extremely annoying and unpleasant. Not to mention they come back every month, for about 30 years. Men would never be able to understand this, while women try their best to attenuate the pain and discomfort with new and better methods. Although never taken in consideration too seriously, the cloth menstrual pads started to gain some reputation after 1970.

And they keep going up. They came out on the market as an innovative solution. What are they after all? Well, these cloth menstrual pads are similar to absorbents, just that they contain less chemicals and are made out of smooth materials, like cotton for example. Also, they can be re-used after being cleaned, for years. It sounds like a perfect invention. But everyone knows that nothing is perfect. And when it comes with so many advantages that it seems too good to be real, there must be some side effects as well.

Cloth menstrual pads are not an exception. Among the many advantages, there are particular disadvantages that need to be taken in consideration. Washing cloth pads can't be done without water. Water means money. Therefore, the necessity to wash them needs to cover the will to save water for smaller bills. Although they can be washed with a regular cloth cleaner, you should get a proper one for them, like a biodegradable soap. However, since cloth menstrual pads are small accessories, they can be washed at the same time with your other laundry.

Cloth menstrual pads can be a pain if you are an active, busy person, with a hectic lifestyle. It can be very time consuming to get them clean, dry and tide. If these are the practical disadvantages, there can be health issues as well. You can get in some deep trouble if you don't pay attention to them. For example, if at some point you get a vaginal infection, it is essential to sterilize the cloth menstrual pads before using them again. Specially after you treat the infection. Otherwise, there's a huge risk to get reinfection.

Finally, although it's not quite a disadvantage, you should know that cloth pads are 5 or 6 times more expensive than regular absorbents or tampons. Although it might not seem like a good deal in the first place, overall you will save some money, since they can be used over and over again, for years.

Pinky Mishra is a Health adviser. For more tips on feminine hygiene and organic cloth menstrual pads visit her website.

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