Menstrual Cycle and Irregularity - How To Deal With This Type of Disorder

Published: 04th March 2011
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We all know that menstrual cycle is very important to us but we should also know about Menstrual Cycle an irregularity- how to deal with this type of disorder that one face during the period. The irregularities in cycle are known as Amenorrhea. If you are having your period regularly and then it suddenly stops for some months then it is secondary Amenorrhea and if you never had menstruation then it is primary Amenorrhea. Another irregularity is irregular ovulating which can happen due to some inherent problems in your reproductive system. Some times when you do vigorous dieting you might not ovulate at all this can also affect your fertility.

Though it is said that a normal menstrual cycle is of 28 days but mostly it is different with different women. The irregularities also include scanty or heavy bleeding. Some times periods happen two times during a cycle. One should always track such irregularities as there might some complications underlying these problems so knowing menstrual cycle an irregularity- how to deal with this types of disorder is also important. Sometimes even one faces bowel that is linked to irregular periods this sometimes comes along with diarrhea or abdominal pain. If these irregularities stay for a short period then there is no cause of worry but if they persist over a long term then medical treatment is necessary.

You can also some precautions from your side to avoid period cycle an irregularity- how to deal with this types of disorder. Stress can lead to many irregularities in the menstrual cycle, so try to reduce your stress level. For this you can opt for meditation that will help you cope with stress. Food habits can be another reason for menstrual irregularities. Follow healthy food habits so that you intake vitamins and proteins maximum during periods. You should eat lot of vegetables and food especially that containing calcium. It is suggested not to exercise forcefully just a walk for some days will also work. Where necessary go for a medical treatment. When medical treatment is given often hormonal contraceptives are used to regulate menstrual cycle and helps in maintaining a balance of hormones in your body. You can either take them orally or through injections. Sometimes when the hormonal problem is specific then even supplements are given to regulate your periods but you should not take these without consulting a doctor.

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